Ketamine therapy is provided as a service at our clinic Foundations for Change, where we also offer many other options to holistically address mental health for children, adolescents, adults, military personnel and first responders.

  • Founded and led by Jeff Edelman, a Yale-trained psychiatric nurse practitioner
  • In practice for over 15 years
  • Double board certified as a Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and a Child and Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Specializing in trauma, depression and crisis intervention
  • Former combat veteran who uniquely understands the impact of trauma on mental health
About Ketamine

What Is Ketamine Therapy?

Ketamine is approved for use in hospitals and other medical settings as an anesthetic. It is safe to use in a controlled, medical practice by a trained practitioner. Many people suffering from mental health conditions have tried many therapies with little to no relief from their suffering.

Ketamine therapy offers new hope to those whose lives have been shattered by ongoing mental health conditions as well as those in acute situations where the impact of trauma can be life-altering. Ketamine has been shown to be both effective for chronic mental health issues and as a crisis intervention.


Our Clients Say

After having multiple OCD crises and not being able to function regularly, I was desperate to try anything to feel better again. Jeff recommended that I receive a series of ketamine infusions, which are shown to quiet and suppress obsessions and compulsions associated with OCD. I was skeptical at first, because I had never received treatment like this before, and I was worried it would make me feel something different other than what I was used to. I have absolutely no regrets with my decision to receive this treatment. The ketamine infusions helped tremendously. I was able to quiet my mind more than usual and suppress most of my OCD thoughts. The infusions helped me relax. While this is not a permanent solution, the infusions aided in making me feel better, so I could focus on my necessary daily tasks and start working on more important things, such as therapy. I was in a pretty dark place before the infusions and I strongly recommend this form of treatment. I am extremely thankful that Jeff recommended this advanced form of treatment for me.

Kay K.

Our Team

Dedicated Team

At Foundations for Change, our team is dedicated to delivering compassionate and holistic mental health services and care. Jeff and Marie greatly enjoy the relationships they create with patients. And, Melvin and Sophie – our therapy dogs – are always excited to greet new and returning patients. Our goal is to provide a warm, professional and welcoming experience for each patient at every visit.

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Together with open conversations and greater understanding, we can ensure that attitudes for mental health change and people receive the support they deserve. “

Kate Middleton